Amato Timati of the difficulties of hiding his pregnancy


Fans of rapper Timati actively discuss his family's first reconstitution – the girl artist, Anastasia Reshetova, is pregnant. The interesting position of the model has become known quite recently, despite the fact that the expectant mother is already late for pregnancy.

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On his Instagram page, Reshetova talked about the difficulties he faced in such a way that the information was not leaked to the press ahead of time. For example, the person loved by Timati had to practically lock himself in the house and go out as little as possible so that someone would not take her a photo in secret

"Now it's even easier to feel good and you can safely keep Instagram and go out". – shared model.

Instagram @ volkonskaya.reshetova

Earlier said that mother Timati announced a contest in the name of the rapper's future son.

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