Amazed Natuna Defense Conjured by NKRI, Analyst: I’ve Never Seen Being militarized as fast as Indonesia In 2022, the intelligence company AS mention if Indonesia forbid it Natuna dominated by foreigners China because I don’t want this country’s nightmare to come true.

Quoted from an article published by RANE April 1, 2022, Indonesia desperately trying to Natuna do not fall into the hands China.

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“The maritime area around the Archipelago Natuna also includes key locations defense strategic ones, making them even more important from the point of view of Indonesia.

If China takes control of these islands or the territories around them, it will damage the security position Indonesia by giving the Chinese forces a close place to launch attacks against Indonesia.

The proximity of the islands to Indonesia present a significant security risk for defense country Indonesia and allows the military to monitor trade routes through the region,” wrote risk intelligence firm RANE.

In addition, long before the plan to move the country’s capital city to East Kalimantan, United States of America reminded Indonesia about the threat of bombers China.

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Quoted from Forbes, a think tank United States of America has put together an interactive map of how air, missile and radar bases work China at sea China South disputed areas allow Beijing to project military power as far as Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia.

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