Amazing benefits that your body gets after eating apples.. Get to know them

Follow-up – Nour Njeim:

Eatthis website has listed some of the benefits that the body can get from eating apples, which are:

1.Improve heart health, lower cholesterol level, and expand blood vessels.

2. Reducing blood pressure due to its richness in flavanols, which helps in this.

3. Improve beneficial gut bacteria.

4. Help protect the health of your teeth. It reduces the viability of bacteria in a person’s mouth, potentially keeping the whites of the teeth healthy and less susceptible to damage over time.

5. Improve breath odor, because eating an apple after eating garlic can significantly reduce the enzymes in garlic that promote bad breath.

6. Reducing the incidence of some types of cancer. Something as simple as eating an apple can significantly reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

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