Amazing images of the British Airways BOAC 747 and the Red Arrows


These extraordinary images show the UK's Red Arrows flying in formation with the British Airways Boeing 747 in the BOAC livery at Saturday's Royal International Air Tattoo.

Flight BA100 he led the plane tattoo screen and was joined by nine Hawk jets belonging to the Royal Air Force acrobatic team.

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The special Boeing 747 was painted in the airline's predecessor's BOAC livery to celebrate the centennial of the airline this year.

Credit: Peter Steehouwer /

The first senior officer Tom Perrins was at the controls, while Captain Richard Allen-Williams was in command of the plane. They were joined on the flight deck by Captain Simon Scholey and Captain Jonny Lutton.

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On board was also Julia Lowes, a member of the cabin crew, whose Lieutenant Dan Lowes is red 9.

British Airways
Images taken from the aircraft of Red 10 piloted by Red 10, Sqn Ldr Adam Collins with Circus 10, Cpl Ashley Keates, Photographer in the back seat.

"I joined British Airways just four months ago and this is Dan's last year flying over the Reds, so the times couldn't be more perfect," Lowes said.

"Dan and I have both pursued our dream careers, but flying together is something I never imagined. It was great to watch Dan in action from the BOAC aircraft.

"The aviation is a very familiar affair since our dad was a captain of 747 and our younger brother is a first officer."

Bitish Airways
Images taken from the aircraft of Red 10 piloted by Red 10, Sqn Ldr Adam Collins with Circus 10, Cpl Ashley Keates, Photographer in the back seat.

Captain Allen-Williams said he hoped the BOAC would liven up the Boeing 747 by providing "a wonderfully nostalgic moment" for the Air Tattoo audience.

The airline has a long history of performing in Air Tattoo and joined the flight schedule in 1985, when Concorde and the Red Arrows flew together in a dramatic show.

In the early 2000s, several British Airways 747 and 777 performed a fly pass and in 2013 the airline played once again with the Red Arrows, to the delight of the large crowd of tattoo artists.


Three of the photos above were taken by Peter Steehouwer, one of the best photographers in the world for air transport. Peter resumes his story:

"Since 1975 (44 years ago) I have visited airshows, military exercises and other aeronautical events in: United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Malta, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Bahrain, Morocco, Japan, Russia (Moscow, Zhukovsky) and the United States (California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New Mexico).

"Also some US Navy aircraft carriers: USS Nimitz CVN-68 in the Persian Gulf (a visit in June 2003 and May 2007) and USS Constellation CV-64 in San Francisco, USA

"When I'm at airshow, I photograph 99% of airplanes in action (sometimes land / static images), but most of the images are taken from" earth to air "

"I started in 1997 with my website : & # 39; Airshow Action Photo Gallery & # 39;

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