“Amazing Sale” Changan CS85 Limited 2022 from Saleh Motors in Saudi Arabia

“Amazing Sale” Changan CS85 Limited 2022 from Saleh Automotive in Saudi Arabia – Culture Me

Changan CS85 Limited 2022 from Saleh Automotive Discounts on the prices of Changan CS85 Limited 2022 from Saleh Auto for all citizens residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This car is the best choice among its competitors from the same model for 2022, and multiple classes of the car will be presented at the beginning of the first quarter of next year in different colors.

The most prominent specifications of the Changan CS85 Limited 2022

Changan CS85 Limited 2022 is distinguished by several wonderful specifications that are unprecedented in the market, which are as follows:-

  • A turbocharged engine with a capacity of about 2 liters and a power of 233 horsepower.
  • The torque of the motor is about 360 Nm per metre.
  • The engine is mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

  • The interior has luxurious leather seats.
  • The car has a panoramic sunroof.
  • A lane departure warning system and a collision warning system.
  • You can operate it remotely.
  • Consists of 4 cameras.

  • It runs on the APA 4.0 system for self-alignment.
  • It has 5 passenger seats.
  • The fuel tank has a capacity of about 58 liters.
  • It falls under the category of SUVs.
  • The maximum fuel consumption is 13.9 km per liter.

The most important features of the new 2022 Changan Limited

  • It has front and side cushions as well.
  • The camera rotates 360 degrees.
  • The system for assistance is the VSA system.
  • ABS is an anti-lock brake system.
  • It is also equipped with EBB brake system for brake force.
  • The interior seats of the car are made of leather.
  • Bright morning lights.
  • Smart keyless entry system.
  • Equipped with front and rear sensors.
  • The lights are powered by LED technology.
  • The hidden bag door operates automatically.

Prices for the new Changan CS85

Saleh Saudi Auto Company reduced Changan new prices in the market A large percentage for all those wishing to buy the car, as its price decreased from 98,000 to 92,999 Saudi riyals.

The most prominent disadvantages of the new Chinese Changan car

  • The fuel consumption of the car is rather high.
  • The dashboard glass is made of high quality plastic material.
  • Its size is rather large.
  • The quality of its interior is not high compared to its competitors in the market of the same model.

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