Amazon & # 39; s Echo Dot 3 with Alexa: Grin on his face


the Echo Dot 3 is currently on Amazon as cheap as ever *, only € 19.99 wants the online retailer for the smart speaker Alexa language assistant to have. They are 40 euros less than usual.

Since I wanted to try Echo Dot 3 for a long time, especially since my friends were pretty excited about the small part, I have one without further ado ordered. The following evening I have it tested – and was very surprised. Here is mine Review.

Echo Dot 3 in the test: the device

Of course, I tried Echo Dot 3 yesterday and I'm still very excited, even though I've only tried the absolute basics. But in turn. The structure away Alexa app * it went quickly and easily through the stage, the Echo Dot takes a kind of hand and guides you step by step through the process.

First experiences with Echo Dot 3 and Alexa

Then it started immediately: ask Alexa about the weather, she suggested the Alexa app, and then I did it. "How's the weather in Bamberg?", Chiesi, expecting a "24 degree sunny" response. But Alexa went further and informed me in more detail than expected about current weather conditions – top!

Music in streaming and listening to the radio with a good sound

Then, of course, I wanted to try streaming music right away. Alexa works with Spotify, TuneIn and, of course, Amazon Music. I said "Alexa, play music from my Amazon music library", which Alexa promptly confirmed and played the first song. The sound quality of the Echo Dot 3 * it was surprisingly good for such a small device, with a clear and undistorted depth even at high volume, comparable to my Bluetooth Boom 2 UE speaker (maybe even better). Incidentally, Alexa's downward volume bravely down when I said: "Alexa, quieter!".

Since you can also listen to the radio, I wanted to test if Alexa knows my favorite indie radio station. So I ordered, not so much hoping: "Alexa, play Penguin Radio". To my surprise, Alexa said "Penguin Radio Games" and started. I must say that I already had a big smile on my face.

Reminders, alarms and appointments with Alexa

So I tried the "reminder" function. You can tell Alexa to set an alarm, an appointment or just a reminder in the calendar. So I said hesitantly because I didn't know if Alexa could use the term "today" to start something like, "Alexa, set a reminder for July 3, 2019." Alexa replied, "What time should I set the reminder today?" I was amazed. "6 o'clock," I said. "What should I remember you?" I thought for a moment. "Cooking," I said then. Alexa confirmed it, and promptly reminded me at 6 pm that I wanted to cook now. Also, I received a message on my phone.

I was pretty excited about this right now. Everything worked so smoothly, so easy, it seemed completely intuitive. And of course Alexa understood my mumble-jumbo without problems.

Read the news, stories and fairy tales

the Echo Dot 3 * it was a small flyer with advice on what Alexa can do anything. Read the news, tell a story or a fairy tale, make jokes. Fantastic, I thought, bearing in mind the children. "Alexa, tell me a fairy tale" we will definitely try soon. Not because I wouldn't like to read a fairy tale for children, but because it's an exciting change and I also want to teach children to bring such a revolutionary piece of technology. You can make friends with him, because if you ask me, Alexa came to stay. The Echo Dot 3, at first glance only a small roaring cube with annoying vocal control, which nobody uses before, who is sane, it seems, as if the future were brought into the house.

I know very well that so far I have only scratched the surface. Friends have told me that they control their lighting and, for example, the electric shutters through their Echo Dot. With the countless "skills" now available for Alexa, the possibilities seem almost limitless.

Total monitoring by Echo Dot 3?

Until recently, there was a vague fear of overseeing the concept. As an attentive user of smartphones, however, I realized years ago that my cell phone also heard me and that the topics I discuss in a circle of friends, acquaintances or colleagues will soon be in the form of advertisements on Facebook, for example. In this sense, I can at least see the Echo Dot and Alexa loudspeakers as part of a large interception attack that has taken place for some time, even without Echo Dot and Alexa. The difference is that for the first time I have the feeling of getting a real value.

First impression: this is the future

For me, the 20 euros I paid for my Echo Dot 3 have already paid. I don't know when an electronic device last time evoked a big smile coupled with childish astonishment (correct: I remember, last time I did with the PlayStation VR), The small Echo Dot 3 with Alexa seems a giant step towards the future.

When I had to go to the kitchen, Alexa had kindly reminded me to cook, so I just said this for fun. "Alexa, I'm leaving now." And she said, "See you then."

Really fascinating.

A report by Rupert Mattgey

Echo Dot 3 for only 19.99 euros on Amazon

Suggestion: Amazon is currently offering Echo Dot 3 as heavily discounted to add to the hype surrounding the Amazon Prime Day 2019. Prime Day will take place from 15 to 16 July. Amazon wants to bring more than a million offers at a discounted price. You will find the first few occasions in our detailed article on Prime Day 2019. As soon as the offers are confirmed, we will present you the best daily and flash offers.

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