Amazon accidentally reveals the German marketplace sales


The online giant has casually revealed in an email what third-party traders generate on its platform.

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DusseldorfAt first glance, the e-mail of the Amazon-Marketings to dealers harmless. She should advertise to sell on the marketplace in the US. But incidentally falls a treacherous sentence. On the marketplace of seven times as much revenue is generated as on, with only half as many dealers, it says.

Amazon has accidentally unveiled one of the best-kept corporate metrics: the revenue that third-party merchants generate on the platform in Germany. As the marketplace expert Marc Steier has now published for the first time on his specialist blog, this gross turnover in the past financial year was 10.2 billion euros.

The bill is simple: The worldwide trading volume on the platform of Amazon was last year at 277 billion euros, 160 billion euros contributed to third-party traders. This has Amazon boss Jeff Bezos recently published in his letter to shareholders. Half of it, also reveals the mail to the dealer, Handelsblatt is present, comes from the United States. Now you only have to divide this turnover by seven and convert it into euros.

For competitive reasons, Amazon has so far as possible to ensure that this figure does not come into the public. After all, competitors should not know how significant the marketplace business is for the Group. Also ebay does not reveal what sales the independent dealers in Germany achieve in total via their marketplace.

But now it is official how much the concentrated power of the marketplace dealer on Amazon also puts all major German online retailers in the shade. For comparison: About the platform of Zalando, the largest German online retailer, achieved a gross trade volume of 6.6 billion euros last year. And in that case it's the sales of Zalando and the third-party merchants together.

More: In the future, the fashion retailer will no longer receive the returns from the customers themselves. Internally, the move is supposed to be an austerity measure.

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