Amazon and Oracle fight for power on the Internet


Dhe war for the future has long since begun, between corporations and their billionaire founders, and between governments, democratic and less democratic, involving intelligence agencies and former intelligence agents, media and private detective agencies. Individual events make headlines, but the common background of the invisible war remains largely in the dark. It's about power and billions. And artificial intelligence, the key currency of future generations. And above all, who controls the data world of the next decades.

The virtual globe that American high-tech companies have been building for years, the cloud, the global data cloud. Oracle and Amazon are called the most important of the warring parties. The key generals: Larry Ellison (Oracle Founder), Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder), Donald Trump (US President) and Mohammed bin Salman (Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia). It uses shadow armies of hackers, PR agents, active and former intelligence agents, who have gathered with ex-military and ex-police officers from all continents in private security companies and astronomical fees do what they used to be in the civil service for rather narrow salary have learned to spy, desinform, blackmail and kill the enemy – if possible in non-lethal form. German corporate intelligence companies are also fighting this war.

Ellison (t) Larry (t) Pentagon (Geo: United States) (t) CIA (t) Clinton (t) Hillary (t) Oracle (t) Amazon (t) Aust-Stefan (t) Netflix (t ) Trump (t) Donald (b.1946) (t) United States (t) Saudi Arabia (t) Bezos (t) Jeffrey (t) The Washington Post (t) JEDI (t) Seattle (t) Jeff Bezos (t ) White House (t) MacKenzie Bezos (t) Europe (t) Donald Trump (t) Larry Ellison (t) Mohammed bin Salman (t) Pentagon (t) Wall Street Journal (t) FBI (t) James Mattis (t) Google (t) South Africa (t) White House (t) San Francisco (t) Munich (t) Paladin Associates GmbH (t) Politics (t) Microsoft (t) War (t) National Enquirer (t) AWS (t) Washington Post Oracle (t) Saudi (t) Riyadh (t) Bezos' Washington Post (t) Jamal Khashoggi (t) Washington Post (t) Amazon Web Service (t) Thing Cloud (t) Murder (t) United States


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