Amazon bans importing seeds into the United States

Amazon has banned the import of seeds from other countries to the United States after mysterious packets of seeds from China were shipped to many addresses around the world over the summer.

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The US e-commerce giant’s move, revealed by the Wall Street Journal on Saturday, came as officials began to worry about the ease with which customers could source seeds from outside the country. the agricultural sector in the United States.

Indeed, the appearance of these unwanted and unidentified sachets has caused a lot of perplexity across the world. The “Journal de Montreal” had reported the case of two Quebecers who had received one of these famous packages at the beginning of July and at the end of June.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency had asked Canadians not to open the packages received and to send them directly to its regional offices.

The American authorities are working in collaboration with their Chinese counterparts to try to unravel the mystery of these seeds.

The ban on the importation of seeds on the Amazon platform to the United States came into effect on September 3 for foreign sellers who ship this merchandise directly to consumers. Those who go through Amazon to order and have inventory in Amazon warehouses will have their offers withdrawn effective September 30, the Wall Street Journal reported.


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