Amazon boss Bezos: US military could lose supremacy

Jeff Bezos

From the perspective of the Amazon chief, space is an area in which the US government does too little.

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Dusseldorf, New York AmazonChief Jeff Bezos warned at a meeting of US military leaders and defense contractors of a loss of US technological supremacy around the world. This was crucial for national security. In his speech at the Reagan National Defense Forum in California, he warned in particular of the growing influence of China.

China's aspirations to gain a lead in key technologies posed a new kind of threat to US military supremacy, which has been based on clear technological superiority for decades, Bezos said.

“Do you really want to plan a future in which you would have to fight someone as strong as yourself?” Bezos asked. Referring to the global security architecture, Bezos said, “That's not a sporting competition. You do not want to fight fair. “Bezos made it clear that he was ready to offer his services. “We will support the Ministry of Defense. This country is important, “he said.

In fact, in the past there had been some criticism of the idea of ​​using the services of big tech companies Google, Amazon or Microsoft to use for the US military. The main concern is to put sensitive data in the hands of powerful private companies. Bezos was in favor of working together: “If Big Tech turns its back on the Department of Defense, that country will be in big trouble,” said the Amazon boss.

In his view, space is also an area in which the US government does not do enough: “We had an advantage in space in the past – but I fear that this could change quickly.”

Greater investment in technology, and in space in particular, could benefit Bezos itself. The 55-year-old has finally invested about one billion dollars of his assets in his own space company Blue Origin. This company also plans to offer its services to the US Department of Defense.

Amazon itself also relies on business with the US military. Recently, however, Bezos suffered a setback: The Pentagon had chosen not the cloud from Amazon Web Services, but Microsoft's for a lucrative $ 10 billion contract. Amazon has even complained because of distortion of competition.

In any case, the relationship between Bezos and the US government is currently strained. Bezos is US President Donald Trump not least as the owner of the government-critical newspaper “Washington Post “ a thorn in the eye.

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