No screens or smartwatches like Apple Watch or Fitbits, here Amazon is breaking into sports and health using a subscription service called Halo that includes a bracelet and a smartphone app.

With these two components, hardware and software, Halo monitors your physical condition using the emotional tones of your voice and a 3D image of your body and its fat mass captured by your phone. Because of this last detail, some fear a potential invasion of privacy.

Note here that Halo subscription is not included in Amazon’s Prime Large Basket of Services which charges for the digital bracelet US $ 99.99 and the service $ 3.99 per month.

Lifestyle focused

As an incentive, the group is announcing an invitation-only early access program of US $ 64.99 that includes six months of free service.

Unlike competing products, the service Halo Above all, it is intended to be an incentive intended to promote lifestyle changes and not performance.

To this end, Halo will include a series of small challenges focused on health habits, meditation or improving sleep habits.

Equipped with two microphones and a biometric detection module that measures acceleration, temperature and heartbeat, the Halo bracelet is devoid of GPS and WiFi chips. There is an LED indicator and a button to mute or activate the microphones which, it is said, are not used to launch voice commands to Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent interface.

Towards permanent monitoring

As for the Halo application for smartphone (iPhone and Android), the link with the bracelet is carried out only by Bluetooth.

Waterproof for swimming (swimproofAccording to Amazon, the Halo bracelet is designed to be worn at all times with a battery life of approximately one week.

When it comes to body image, photos of the front, back, and both sides should ideally be taken with tight-fitting clothing or underwear. These are sent to Amazon’s servers which compile them to generate a 3D image which is then returned to your phone along with the body fat measurements. Once sent, Amazon says the data is deleted from its servers and only people 18 and over are accepted.

As for voice tracking, Amazon does not indicate eligible languages. We can therefore assume that it only works in English. Like any company present in all markets, French versions and others will undoubtedly be added.

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