Amazon Music strengthens its podcast service in …

With the aim of promoting entertainment music and audio content, Amazon Music will make available to all its customers, in Mexico and Brazil, the podcast service at no additional cost in their subscription plans.

The intention of the American firm is not only to release this type of content, but also to give it a greater boost through the creation of original programs, which will be spoken in Spanish and Portuguese and will begin to be produced exclusively , for Amazon Music for the next several months.

For now, customers will have the opportunity to listen to popular podcasts such as ‘Creativo’, ‘La Corneta 40’, ‘Legends Legendarias’, ‘Dementes’, as well as ‘La Cotorrisa’ from their cell phone, computer or through Echo devices. ‘and’ TED in Spanish ‘, among many others.

Photo: Israel Palacio / Unsplash.

“Amazon Music provides an exceptional place for customers to connect with the music and entertainment they love and want.”

Federico Pedersen, director of Amazon Music for Latin America.

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The American firm has been reinforcing this type of content through collaborating with internationally renowned stars such as the popular singer Becky G, who is in charge of conducting a multimedia podcast called ‘En la sala’, in which not only receives others famous celebrities in the world of music and entertainment, but also tackles social-themed topics.

Through this new strategy, Amazon Music will seek to produce a greater amount of original content that is attractive to its audiences and thus attract more customers who like this type of audio program, which can be listened to at any time of the day from their own smartphones or mobile devices.

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