Amazon officially launches Alexa and Echo speakers in Mexico


Know the price and availability date of these devices.

A few months ago, Amazon revealed it Alexa and his horns echo They would have arrived in Mexico, and today we have after an intense trial period that the company has announced the official launch of the devices and their assistant in the country.

Echo Smart Speakers

Starting with the Echo speakers, Amazon will offer four different models: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Spot. Below they have their characteristics and prices:

Echo Dot (3rd generation) – $ 699 MXN – Echo Dot is a smart speaker that is controlled by the voice and used by Alexa. Thanks to its design, it is ideal for any room in the house. Just ask for music, news or information. You can call anyone with an Echo device or the Alexa app and control your Smart Home devices by voice.


Echo (2nd generation) – $ 1,799 – Echo has an improved speaker that brings Dolby processing for surround sound. It has seven microphones and beamforming technology that lets you listen to wherever you are in your room, even while you play music. You can wake up Echo simply by mentioning the word "Alexa" and he will answer you immediately.


Echo Plus (2nd generation) – $ 2,199 MXN – Echo Plus offers high quality sound with Dolby technology that incorporates a Zigbee hub and a temperature sensor. Listen to music, ask questions, call anyone with an Echo device or the Alexa app, find out about news, sports scores, weather forecasts, and more. Thanks to the integrated hub, the configuration of your Smart Home is very simple.


Echo Spot: $ 2,499 – Echo Spot brings you everything you love about Alexa in an elegant, compact and on-screen design. Just ask the weather forecast, see the news summaries with video, set an alarm, see the calendar and more. Customize your Spot by changing the cover with different images based on your style. In addition, you can make video calls to anyone with an Echo Spot or Alexa app. Echo Spot has an innovative technology, four microphones, beamforming technology and improved noise cancellation, so you can listen to you from anywhere in the house, even while you play music.


These four smart devices are supplied with Alexa in Spanish which, thanks to the tests, has been regionalized on the Mexican market, and you can already buy them, but it has been said that they will be available starting November 14th.

Amazon Music

In addition to Echo and Alexa, Amazon announced the launch of its music streaming services Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon Prime Music.

Amazon Music Unlimited It has a monthly price of $ 99 MXN per month, although you can try it for free for three months, and is a similar service to Spotify and Apple Music that has more than 50 million songs and can be enjoyed on various devices.

On the other hand, Amazon Prime Music This service is included for Prime subscribers, which is more limited because it offers access to over 2 million tracks. The Amazon Prime subscription costs $ 99 MXN per month and also offers free shipping, offers and access to Amazon Prime Video.

Do you find these Amazon products interesting for the Mexican territory?


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