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Here are the real bargains on Prime Day

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Michael Gassmann

"Prime Day" attracts bargains for 48 hours – really?

Amazon expands its Prime Day shopping event to 48 hours this year. There are offers in 18 countries only for members of Amazon's paid subscription service Prime, but not all offers are really bargains.

On Monday starts the "Prime Day", Amazon's 48-hour bargain hunt. The average savings were low last year. But with these product groups lush discounts are to be expected.

OShop online on Prime Day, Amazon's home-made selling event, that's fine. Just because it's fun, the 48-hour bargain hunting from 15 July. But you should not expect the miracle of cheap shopping. In the Prime Day 2018, the savings compared to the average price of June were at a somewhat sobering three percent, Idealo has calculated the price comparison portal, which like WELT AM SONNTAG belongs to Axel Springer.

So the end of the euphoria, even before it started right? Not that either. What does the average say? Who looks closely, for the Prime Day can be a real treasure trove. "Mega-super bargains are the exception," says Idealo – but they exist.

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The digging in the data of last year, for example, revealed that the rebate on television can be extremely lucrative. So you could buy a device of the type Philips 65PUS7303 for a thousand – smooth 35 percent less than before the Prime Day and 24 percent less than afterwards. Also Samsung TVs cost a few hundred less, especially the big and expensive ones.

Source: Infographic WORLD

Smartphones, for example, the most popular product category on Prime Day according to Idealo, were rather microscopic. But clever shoppers can still score points here – provided they are flexible in terms of color and model details. And they do without an iPhone. There is generally little.

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Packshot Half Page WORLD SUNDAY, ET 14th July 2019

Packshot Half Page WORLD SUNDAY, ET 14th July 2019


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