Amazon raises entry wages for its logistics division by 8%. Last March, the strike of the entire supply chain

The fight pays off, in the case of Amazon, 8%. This is the increase decided by the group on the entry salaries of employees of the logistics network. From next October, thanks to the salary increase that is part of the periodic salary review carried out by Amazon, the starting paycheck will therefore go from 1,550 euros gross per month to 1,680 euros gross. The new entrance salary it is therefore 8% higher than the standards set by the National Transport and Logistics Contract. “We have always worked to be the most customer-oriented company in the world, but not only. We also want to be the best employer and the safest place to work, ”he stresses Stefano Perego, vice president of Amazon Operations Europe.

Last March 22 took place a strike which, for the first time, involved the entire logistics chain that delivers the group’s parcels. Also thanks to these mobilizations, the group, traditionally refractory to workers’ organizations, has adopted a softer and more dialoguing attitude with the trade unions. The Amazon group, which is worth 1.7 trillion dollars on the stock market today, benefited from a strong increase in revenues also thanks to the closures of normal commercial establishments during the most critical phases of the pandemic. In 2020, the group’s receipts are increased by 38% reaching $ 386 billion (€ 327 billion).

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