Amazon returns a lost billion-dollar order on Trump's interference

Donald Trump

Amazon lists in his lawsuit a series of negative comments and insults by Trump against Bezos, Amazon and the Washington Post.

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Washington Amazon has not received the US Department of Defense billion dollar cloud computing mission, in particular because of “undue pressure from President Donald Trump.” This was the “most plausible” explanation for several “obvious, unexplained” technical errors that were to be awarded to the competitor Microsoft were said in a court-filed complaint of the Internet company.

Trump's repeated intervention in the contract had put pressure on the Pentagon so that the process was no longer correct, it said in the document that became known on Monday.

Trump regularly sharply criticizes Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, which reports critically on Trump. In a letter to the court dated November 22, Amazon lists a series of negative comments and insults by Trump against Bezos, Amazon, and the Washington Post.

The lawyers therefore demand that the award of contracts be re-examined and decided again. “There is a lot at stake: the question is whether the US President should be allowed to use the (Defense) budget for his personal and political purposes,” it said.

The Amazon Web Services division of the world's largest online retailer has long been a favorite in the race for winning the contract. However, the Pentagon had announced in late October that the order would go to Microsoft. Previously, the software company Oracle and the IT service provider IBM who had also signaled their interest in the project.

The contract stipulates an upper limit of up to about nine billion euros over a period of ten years, as the Pentagon announced at the time. In the face of US President Trump's continuing criticism of Amazon boss Bezos, some experts had questioned the outcome even before the contract was awarded.

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