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Dusseldorf The ambition was dressed in a red brick imitation. At the Hanover Fair in April, the cloud computing provider AWS designed its stand in the style of an old factory building – at least from the outside. Inside was to be seen at the stands, like the AmazonSubsidiary wants to monitor railway wagons with digital duplicators or to control valves. The signal: AWS can help the industry digitize.

The communication, as usual at the fair, wants to lead AWS permanently. The Internet group opens a new office in Munich today, where it can present exemplary projects and work with customers on common ideas. Siemens and the Boston Consulting Group are involved – the industrial group operates an “Industrial Software Showcase”, the consultancy a “Digital Builders Showroom”.

“Cloud usage is increasing, but decision-makers often do not have the idea of ​​how technology can improve their business,” says Klaus Bürg, who heads AWS's business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Handelsblatt.

“We expect the new office to make the topic of cloud computing much more tangible for customers.” The manager wants at least a “four-digit number” of visitors per year to the former Siemens headquarters at the Oskar von Miller Ring guide.

The cloud you can touch: AWS reacts to changes in the market. The use of IT services such as software, storage or computing power over the network is now mainstream, explains the market researcher Gartner.

This is true even for Germany, where in the public debate long security concerns prevailed: 73 percent of companies use the cloud, at least 35 percent access to offers that run completely at the service provider – experts speak of public cloud.

“Now it's about making the cloud an integral part of value creation,” says Axel Oppermann, head of consulting firm Avispador. “That's why AWS has to address customers differently.” For example, to reach board members and area managers. New this concept is not: IBM For example, the Watson IoT Center has built a facility to work with clients on projects.

For Siemens, the new center fulfills an important purpose

For AWS, the partners play a significant role: they have expertise in their industries. Siemens, the market leader in industrial software, is showing its solutions for Industry 4.0 at ten stations, for example. “AWS is currently the leading provider for the public cloud,” explains Andreas Geiss, head of technology at the Mindsphere platform.

The new center also serves an important purpose for Siemens: it makes it possible to simulate scenarios from customers in the manufacturing industry, the CTO explains – this is a frequent request.

The cloud is indispensable in industry today, emphasizes Geiss. For example, it helps to quickly commission new plants or overgrow all machines at the same time – all over the world. “The cloud is like a highway with six or eight lanes: you have almost infinite capacity to exchange data.”

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) aims to help clients develop new concepts. “On the customer side there are some fears of contact with digital technologies,” says Tilman Buchner, partner at BCG – therefore education was needed. The consultation will introduce technologies such as image and speech recognition as well as the analysis of large amounts of data in the new center.

“These breakthroughs have been made in these three disciplines over the last few months.” All of the major cloud vendors have provided services that make it possible for the first time to deploy these technologies in a broad industrial environment. Customers can develop prototypes for their own company together with the consultants.

“The opening of the new office is the result of our rapid growth,” says AWS manager Bürg.Single market figures for individual markets, the company is not enough, the global sales grew in the first half of the year by 39 percent to 16.1 billion dollars, the operating result by 43 percent to $ 4.3 billion. This makes it the market leader, probably also in Germany.

The growth is also reflected in the development of the workforce: AWS will hire 500 new employees in Germany during the course of the year, reports Bürg, in the data centers as well as at development sites and in the sales offices. The manager does not disclose how big the workforce is overall.

The only thing is clear: the ambitions are even bigger. “Technically, up to 100 percent” of IT companies could in the future relate from the cloud, said AWS CEO Andy Jassy in July in an interview with the Handelsblatt.

More: More and more German companies are using the cloud. However, European providers are missing. The need in the industry for secure digital infrastructures in this country is great, as a survey shows.

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