Amazon’s ex-wife donates $ 1.7 billion to charity

Internet Marketing CompanyAmazon“Macenzy Scott, the ex-wife of founder and manager Jeff Bezos, has announced that he has donated 1.7 billion ASV dollars (1.45 billion euros).

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In May last year, she promised to donate at least half of her wealth to the Giving Pledge philanthropy initiative launched by investor Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, founder of computer technology company Microsoft.

Since then, Scott has donated to 116 NGOs fighting for racial and gender equality, LGBT rights, climate change, health and more, she said on her blog Medium.

“I donated to each of them and encouraged [naudu] use as they see fit to suit their needs, “writes Scott.

Following the divorce from Bezos last year, Scott received a 4% stake in Amazon, now worth more than $ 60 billion.

In her blog, she also stated that she now uses her middle name Scott as her last name instead of her ex-husband Bezosa.

Mackenzie Scott Tatla un Jeff Bezos married in 1994 and their children have four children. The marriage was divorced last year.

McCenzie Scott is the author of two novels. His debut novel, The Testing of Luther Albright, won the American Literature Prize in 2006.

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