Amazon’s plan: Alexa will be able to repeat anyone’s voice

Alexa events. Photo by Mike Blake (Reuters / Scanpix)

Technology company Amazon says its voice-activated digital assistant Alexa will be able to replicate any human voice.

This week, Rohit Prasad, Amazon’s senior vice president, announced at a company conference in Las Vegas. According to him, the purpose of this function is to make memories remain long after many people have lost a loved one during a pandemic.

Amazon has unveiled a new feature in a video showing a child smelling a question. The event will change, according to Reuters, Alexa spoke in a soothing, less robotic voice, much like a moiut.

Amazon has not yet revealed when the Alexa update might appear. The company, obviously so preoccupied with the technology, is still assessing its impact in terms of both potential benefits and risks.

For example, Microsoft recently restricted the number of companies allowed to use its own language reproduction software. Its purpose, according to Microsoft, is to help people with language problems, but there were fears that the technology would also be used to create deep political falsifications.

Amazon also reported that Alexa event sales worldwide will reach $ 100 million. pcs. as much as the company predicted in 2019.

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