AMD Epyc 7H12: 64 core CPU faster with 280 W for supercomputers

AMD Epyc 7H12: 64 core CPU faster with 280 W for supercomputers
Image: AMD

The AMD Epyc 7742 server processor is already setting new performance standards with its 64 cores and 128 threads. For the High Performance Computing (HPC) sector, however, AMD goes even better: with Epyc 7H12, the 64 cores are clocked at around eleven percent more power in higher Linpack. However, the TDP is increasing dramatically.

Epyc 7H12: AMD clock 64-Kerner for upper Supercomputer

With the same 64-core number and 128 threads, the special Epyc 7H12 CPU is clocked at 2.6 GHz in the base. Compared to Epyc 7742, this means a base clock 350 MHz or about 16 percent higher. However, the TDP increases from 225 watts to 280 watts and therefore a good 24 percent. the According to AMD data is the maximum turbo clock at 3.3 GHz again 100 MHz under the Turbo clock of Epyc 7742. Important in the current discussion on partially unreached turbo frequencies is AMD's indication that the respective turbo cycle depends on cooling solution. In the case of Epyc 7H12, this will require water cooling.

Epyc 7H12 is a version designed by HPC of the Rome CPU generation with a Zen-2 chip-style architecture, designed primarily for use in supercomputers. Among the first testers is the manufacturer Atos, Epyc 7H12 in the platform BullSequana XH2000 used with direct liquid cooling (Direct Liquid Cooling). This system was used to determine the aforementioned performance increase in the Linpack benchmark.

According to AMD, Epyc 7H12 is used by the French supercomputing organization Genci, from the IT Center for Science (CSC) in Finland and the Norwegian Uninett.

European supercomputers with Epyc
European supercomputers with Epyc (Image: AMD)


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