AMD increases its orders to TSMC

It’s hard to find PS5 O Xbox Series X / S for sale, and this has been noticed by Lisa Su. Thus, AMD has increased its orders to TSMC with the aim of improving supply.

TSMC is the manufacturer of the SoCs that power next-gen consoles, being a vital ally of AMD. You could say that TSMC is AMD’s right hand man for everything: PS5 and Xbox SoCs, RX 6000, Ryzen 5000, Ryzen 3000, Ryzen 4000, etc. AMD does not trust another semiconductor manufacturer, so it has increased its orders for 7nm wafers, as the PS5 has higher than expected demand levels.

PS5 and Xbox are a success: up to 40,000 7nm wafer orders from TSMC

Several news comes from Asia, and this is one of the most important because the sales of Microsoft and Sony are brutal. Neither of the 2 have announced sales figures yet, but Lisa Su has already said that she is excited by the pace of these on next-gen consoles.

According Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, “the demand is higher than they thought“So they are working very hard to improve the supply of the consoles, how? Increasing orders to TSMC, the most powerful manufacturer in the world of consoles right now. Also, he wanted to highlight that the cooperation between AMD, Sony and Microsoft is being very good, so it seems that everything is going smoothly.

What is the problem of stock de PS5 y Xbox Series X/S? Well that the demand It is abysmal, but the rate of manufacture is not comparable. We are not saying that TSMC works little, far from it, simply that it has to manufacture many wafers of 7nm, which is the manufacturing process for the PS5 and Xbox SoCs.

These SoCs are made up of a 8-core CPU with architecture Zen 2 and a GPU RDNA 2. Well, AMD has increased orders of these SoCs to TSMC, between about 38,000 and 40,000 Specifically, the PS5 being the most demanded console of the 3.

Keep in mind that TSMC has several large clients, such as Apple o Huawei, for example. The capacity of your factories It’s not just for AMD, it has multiple customers and many deadlines to meet. In fact, Intel may be added to that list, due to the litho advance problems they are experiencing in recent years.

TSMC stated that 7nm and 5nm chips (Apple) will ship without problems the 4th quarter. There is no doubt that the Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer is in the best business era in its history. And is that the Apple M1, a SoC of 5nm, it is giving spectacular performance in low-power computers, questioning whether it is worth opting for x86 processors in those categories.

In my opinion, we could seer new PS5 and Xbox stock moves in February and March. The source does not assure anything, but new batches will arrive soon.

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