AMD, motherboards, coating… The Framework Laptop 13 is full of new features

Framework continues its merry way by announcing several new features to correct the defects of its Laptop 13. Thus the company will offer a new battery capacity, going from 54 Wh to 61 Wh; it was indeed one of the weak points of the Laptop 13, whose autonomy struggled to exceed six hours of use. At the same time, Framework plans to sell a case that will, in the case of a replacement, accommodate the old battery to transform it into an external Power Bank type battery.

Another improvement, the 13.5-inch panel is now available in a matte coating. We had also underlined, during the test of the Laptop 13, the significant propensity of the panel to reflect its environment. The finish of the coating is therefore now up to the user.

We expected it, with the release of the 13th generation Intel Core processors at the beginning of the year, the new motherboards in Intel Core i5-1340P (12C/16T), i7-1360P (12C/16T) and i7-1370P (14C/20T) will replace 12th generation processors. Launched with 11th generation Intel Core processors, the Laptop 13 therefore achieves its second generation change in terms of Intel Core processors.

Other more discreet additions concern the personalization of the Laptop 13. Thus, new colors for the screen border are available: transparent, purple, green. There is also a new module with a jack, in addition to the module with an Ethernet port added a few months ago.

A box to recycle motherboards

Finally, Framework, in partnership with Cooler Master, will market a box allowing the motherboard of the Laptop 13 to be installed in it in order to reuse it for $39. Since 3D printing of a case is an obstacle for users wishing to recycle their old motherboard, the company offers the Cooler Master Mainboard Case directly for sale on its marketplace.

All of these new features are already available, while the new Intel motherboards are available for pre-order from 509 euros. We will have to be more patient for AMD motherboards, since Framework announces their availability for the third quarter at 509 euros in Ryzen 5 7640HS and 799 euros in Ryzen 7 7840HS. If you opt for complete laptops, prices start at 979 euros for the Do It Yourself model and 1199 euros for a ready-to-use PC.

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