Entertainment Amel Bent reveals living in hell because of daughters...

Amel Bent reveals living in hell because of daughters during confinement


Amel Bent: The COVID-19 is a real plague, an invisible enemy that the countries of Europe have been facing the hardest in recent days. Indeed, the heart of the epidemic is no longer in China today but in northern Italy. To combat what cannot be seen, strict containment measures have been applied in the country.

Throughout France, millions of people are seeing their daily supplements turned upside down, and Amel Bent is no exception. Mom of two little girls, the singer is like everyone else. She finds herself like us, overwhelmed by the children to manage 24 hours a day.

France confined, to act against the rapid and active spread of the coronavirus


As you probably already know, containment measures are compulsory and their non-compliance results in a fine of € 135. In some cities such as Nice, a curfew is put in place to tighten the rules of this confinement and to ensure that no one leaves their home at night. If the rules are so hard it is not because of the sadism of our politicians but because of our protection and the protection of the people around us.

By confining ourselves at home, we limit the risks of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Thus, we participate in the national and even global effort which aims to contain it so as not to see hospitals overwhelmed. No country was ready to handle such a health crisis. And also, no parent had planned to have to take care of these children 24 hours a day in a confined space. You have to be creative and have great patience with them. Staying zen and pro-active is the key to not going crazy during this period of forced layoff, cloistered with us.


Amel Bent tells through her Instagram posts, and the stories she shares to these subscribers, how she occupies her daughters and she does not hide from us the difficulty that this represents. Natural and frank as always, the singer and member of the jury of The Voice puts us in perspective and makes us smile.

Containment should not be taken lightly, for our mental health too


The effects of confinement on the psychic can be serious if we don’t have enough to deal with, we can easily fall into a little depression. It’s important to have a daily schedule full of things to do while thinking about relaxing. For parents, no choice, they will not be bored.

And you would think that containment would be difficult for them, think again. Children have this extraordinary adaptive force due to their young ages. It’s going to be more complicated for parents. Now is the time to follow our example and learn from their behavior when it comes to containment measures.

Social networks or how to stay in touch with the world around us on a daily basis

And whether one is a parent or not, the obligation of French people to stay at home is skyrocketing the sharing of experiences on social networks. For many people, telework is not in place and technical unemployment can be very long when you do not leave your home. So there are hundreds of stories that we can find from our favorite stars on Instagram in particular.


To entertain us, to keep us informed, to maintain contact and to make them pass the time as well of course. Amel Bent is not missing to share with us the daily difficulties of living locked up with two young girls full of life. And according to the Instagram of beautiful Amel, it is not easy for her.


Amel Bent does not allow himself to be put down all the same and encourages us to do the same. The difficult times we are going through right now are experiences, adventures, and you have to know how to get out of the positive and keep it in mind for the future, when everything is back to normal. Amel is a fighter and she already explained it in several of her songs like the one where she keeps “always the raised fist”. Each difficult event in our lives must ultimately make us stronger.

Thus, we face the following difficulties with more serenity. It is not easy for anyone and it is ok to crack only if you get up to continue. This is not a virus that will deprive the beautiful Amel Bent of her smile. She faces this moment with her two daughters, determined although sometimes tired. And it’s reassuring to see that even celebrities, who often portray an idealistic picture of their lives, actually experience the same things we do every day. Being a parent is the same struggle for everyone and you will see that it will be beneficial for everyone’s parent-child relationship.

See this post on Instagram


A publication shared by Amel Bent (@inst_amel) on March 18, 2020 at 7:20 PDT


Amel Bent shows us that she has strength to spare and that in everything we can find something positive. So, courage everyone during confinement and stay at home, safe.

We can also see it in The Voice where it helps us to change our ideas. Although during the filming of the show, they did not know how badly the pandemic was going to hit the world. What could be better than a good TV set in front of the show to think of something else? So take heart and we take care and take care of our children for the well-being of everyone.



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