America and Israel openly share their fear of Palestinian terrorist organizations

The Secretary of State (Menlu) of the United States (AS) Antony Blinken and Foreign Minister Israel Gabi Ashkenazi shared concerns during a telephone conversation about Hamas’ potential election victory Palestine.

The report was disclosed by RT. In a report issued by Israel’s Walla news portal, RT said Ashkenazi voiced Israeli concerns to Blinken about a possible Hamas victory due to the division of its rival Fatah movement.

However, Ashkenazi confirmed Israel was not placing any obstacles to undermining the Palestinian parliamentary elections scheduled for May 22.

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Walla reported that Blinken responded to Ashkenazi by stressing that his country is not against the Palestinian elections.

He reiterated that the US government believes Israel and Palestine should enjoy equal freedom, security, prosperity and democracy.

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The US State Department, according to a Walla report published by RT, urged anyone taking part in the Palestinian elections, “Must renounce violence, recognize Israel and respect previous agreements.”

Both Israeli and US officials have confirmed they would prefer the Palestinians to postpone elections of their own accord, Israeli sources told Walla.

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