American Airlines: The video shows that the wheelchair user was not on the ground – New York Post


American Airlines denied the claim of a family that a 67-year-old woman was left in a wheelchair overnight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport after her flight was deleted.

The airline published a detailed chronology Tuesday at The Post based on surveillance footage and call records showing that "it took about 45 minutes between the time a wheelchair attendant picked up" Olimpia Warsaw in wheelchair.

Reportedly, Warsaw would fly to Illinois to attend her former husband's funeral. After the service, he would have to take a flight home to Michigan on Friday.

The son of the woman, Claude Coltea, had told CBS that she had brought her mother to the flight door and had spoken with an agent there to confirm that her mother would be treated before taking her flight back to Connecticut.

After the cancellation of the Warsaw flight, Coltea claimed that the airport concierge assigned to his mother by the airline offered to Warsaw a hotel room, but that had not been brought there and that he could not find the transport.

The Warsaw family said that when the woman did not arrive in Detroit, she called American Airlines to track her down and that she was eventually found in the same clothes she wore the day before.

According to American Airlines, the Warsaw flight was canceled at 11.20pm. CT on Friday and rebooked for 8:55 am CT the next morning.

At 11:32, a wheelchair attendant picked up Warsaw at the gate and a hotel voucher and a good meal were given to the woman, the airline said.

At 12:06, the wheelchair attendant is seen on CCTV "assisting Ms. Warsaw in the terminal's public area near the wheelchair waiting area."

According to the airline, citing call logs, the operator then calls Coltea twice. A call lasted six minutes and the other call lasted two minutes.

At 12:30, the attendant leaves Warsaw on the upper floor of the wheelchair waiting area and a few moments later uses his walker to smoke a cigarette for seven minutes, the airline said.

American Airlines stated that one night Coltea called the airline and changed his mother for 1:40. Monday's flight.

"He then said that someone was traveling to the airport to get it," the airline said.

At 1:13, a male and female relative arrives at the airport in an SUV, according to the airline.

The relative meets Warsaw in the wheelchair waiting area at 1:46 and starts pushing her towards the door where the car is parked.

Two minutes later, the relative stops and photographs Warsaw sitting on the wheelchair, then leaves the woman and reaches a TSA checkpoint, according to American Airlines.

The relative then returns to Warsaw and is greeted by a police officer, to whom the relative "has a very brief conversation with".

"Then he pushes Ms. Warsaw out of the waiting vehicle and they both go in. The male relative leaves the vehicle when he arrives and puts the walker in the back of the SUV," the airline said.

At 1:53, "all the parties involved leave the area in the SUV".


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