Health American doctors have suggested that coronavirus can be treated...

American doctors have suggested that coronavirus can be treated with a remedy for heartburn

But this information has yet to be verified in practice.

At three New York State hospitals, scientists are testing. They administer to the volunteers an intravenous mixture of two drugs: the anti-heartburn medicine is mixed with hydroxychloroquine (the same medicine that Donald Trump advertised earlier). Alone, the first medicine can only cure heartburn, and the second is effective against malaria, but together they can theoretically be able to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

This study is led by Dr. David Battinelli. He said that initially, a group of scientists who suggested the effectiveness of this method of treatment was even ready to go on its own as a group on which tests should be conducted. However, there were a sufficient number of volunteers who wanted to participate in the testing.

All volunteers were divided into three groups – the first is treated with a mixture of drugs, the second is given only hydroxychloroquine, and the third is treated exclusively with traditional methods.

The first results, as Battinelli said, give great hope that the new remedy can effectively cope with the disease. However, final conclusions can only be drawn after a thousand people pass the test. If all goes well, this could happen in the coming weeks.

However, this medicine was not started to be tested for a good life. Last week, the most “ambitious” remedy for coronavirus – remdesivir – failed the first major tests.

The medicine recommended by WHO turned out to be not that useful, but even potentially harmful. In China, a study was conducted in which one group of patients was given remdesivir and the other a placebo. After 28 days of testing, it turned out that the results in the two groups are absolutely identical, which means a complete failure of the idea to use this medicine to fight the disease.

Things are not so sad about vaccine development. Last week in Oxford, two scientists tested a recently created vaccine against kotnavirusa. Moreover, one scientist was directly given the vaccine against COVID-19, and another – from meningitis. Soon the results of these tests should be known – if they are successful, then it will be preliminary possible to say that the vaccine for coronavirus is still invented.

Oxford University vaccine professor Sarah Gilbert is “very optimistic” and hopes their medicine will work. If the very first tests are successful, then soon volunteers from different cities of Britain will be recruited to test the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Scientists plan to conduct 1100 tests, according to the results of which they will make a final conclusion – does their vaccine against coronavirus work. If the answer is yes, this may mean hope of a relatively quick exit from the pandemic.

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