American Football News – Panthers come out empty in Kiel


Even the panthers are empty in Kiel

Once again without overcoming the Panthers (in white)Even in the fourth game of the GFL 2019 season, the Panther is over empty. In Kiel, in the Baltic, the Hurricanes moved the rising star, the Dusseldorf panther, before 1776 to the defeat of 17:37 (0: 0, 3:15, 0: 8, 14:14). "It was a tight game in which we lost the game of internal turnover and so it is obviously difficult to win," said panther trainer John Leijten.

The Panthers were still good in the first quarter, the distant ones

Düsseldorfer in the second section of the game accepts the first touchdown of the Hurricanes, as Jake Purichia, director of Kiel, to recharge the advantage for the home team in the Dusseldorf area. Shortly after the first error of the Panthers. QB Christian Strong made a deep shot in his own half against Louis Müller of Kiel, who brought his attack on director Jake Purichia directly into a great starting position.

If the defense could have prevented even worse, then it was after one

Panther ball loss RB Khris Francis nothing else to do. Kiels RB Julian Ampaw has expanded the vortex leadership after this loss of the panther. Worse still, since the two-point conversion was also sitting, the Panthers, although they had played a good game up to that point, were all at once with two touchdowns and 15 points in the back.

The next Pantera record then led to the deserved points for

the big cats. Done shortly before the Hurricanes final zone, Daniel kicked

The shoemaker quietly used football through the Kiel barrels.

The next tea break that the Kieler had apparently better tolerated. Fritjof Richter and twice Julian Ampaw increased to 30: 3 for Kiel before the Panthers could put accents. First of all, it was Kris Francis, who brought a kick to the start of the Kiel in the final area of ​​the Hurricanes, and when he also shortened Feli Manoka to 17:30, he tried the team to direct the coach John Leijten to return to the dance. Daniel Schuhmacher's next offside offside was really close

Jacob Edelmann has secured himself, but the ball has not yet passed 10 yards.

Julian Ampaw, on which the Panthers have never had a hold, took advantage of this short kick and a good position on the field with a 28-yard run in the final Panther area. "I could point out now that I had to do without an initial OT and an initial DT, other players are injured and we have to somehow replace them, we can only play with the players we have at the moment," says Leijten.


kiel Baltic Hurricanes – Dusseldorf Panther 37:17 (0: 0, 15: 3, 8: 0, 14:14)

1776 spectators

6: 0 Jake Purichia 1-yard run.

7: 0 Benedikt Englmann extra point

13: 0 Julian Ampaw 1-yard run.

15: 0 Lukas Rehder Conversion Pass by Jake Purichia

15: 3 Daniel Schuhmacher field goal of 22 yards

23: 3 Fritjof Richter 4-yard run

25: 3 Daniel Reinhardt Passes through Benedikt Englmann

29: 3 Julian Ampaw 34-yard run

30: 3 Extra point Benedikt Englmann

30: 9 Khris Francis return of the football from the start of 78 yards

30:10 Extra point of Daniel shoemaker

30:16 Féli Manoka 21-yard pass from Christian Strong

30:17 Extra point of Daniel shoemaker

36:17 Julian Ampaw 25-yard run

37:17 Benedikt Englmann Extra point

Goergens – 05.27.2019

Once again without overcoming the Panthers (in white)

No return for the Panthers (in white) (© Panther / Marc Seefeldt)

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