American is the first person to swim through the English Channel four times without a break


AFor the first time, a citizen of the United States has crossed the English Channel four times in a row, swimming without a break. A video posted on her Facebook page highlighted how Sarah Thomas was cheered by supporters on Tuesday morning after her 54-hour stamina in Dover on the shores of southern England.

The 37-year-old had completed treatment for breast cancer a year ago. With her sensational action she wanted to celebrate the victory over cancer in her own words: “This is dedicated to all survivors out there,” she wrote before her start on Saturday on Facebook. “This is dedicated to those of us who have prayed for our lives, who desperately wondered what happened next, and who fought through pain and fears.”

The BBC told Thomas after her arrival that during non-stop swimming, she had most of the time been struggling with the effects of salt water, which caused her pain in her mouth and throat. She was also injured by a jellyfish on her face.

Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh congratulated Thomas on Twitter. Her performance is “extraordinary” and “superhuman”: “Just when we think that we have reached the limits of human resilience, someone breaks new records.”



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