American Midter: Dead the brothel elected in parliament


Washington –

The brothel operator Dennis Hof has entered the state of the Nevada parliament in the mid-term elections of the Republican party of the United States – although he is already dead. Hof's name continued despite his passage to the run-off and Tuesday was spotted by 63% of voters in a rural vocal district, as announced by Parliament on its website.

The 72-year-old died on October 16 after his birthday party in the presence of a former porn actor and a famous anti-tax lobbyist. Nevada's electoral law, however, makes it possible for the nomination to be maintained even after the death of a politician. Local Republicans are now allowed to appoint a Hof follower.

Glowing trump pendant

Hof was the owner of seven brothels and ran service stations and restaurants. He was a fervent supporter of President Donald Trump and known for his noisy performances. Based on Trump's book "The Art of the Deal", he gave his memoirs the title "The Art of the Pimp". (AFP)


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