Ametic fears new delays in European funds due to the elections

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The call for elections could become a new stumbling block when it comes to swiftly executing European funds, or, at least, that is what entities such as Ameticthe employers’ association of the technology industry in Spain.

“Always, the changes of government and administration, obviously always suppose a certain slowdown”, has indicated the president of AmeticPedro Mier, in a meeting with the press, where he also remarked that he hopes that his deployment will continue to accelerate, the government that leaves the polls: “Everyone is clear about what we are at stake, whoever governs”, has remarked.

The employer has presented Luis Pardoformer CEO of Sage, as the entity’s new CEO, who is facing his 50th birthday in a moment of “transformation” and constitution of what has been baptized as ‘Ametic 5.0.’ The company has set the acceleration of the execution of European funds as one of the priorities of this mandate. .”We have asked that cut red tape“, points out Pardo, who has also considered the requirements to appear for the calls of the Pertes excessive.

However, neither the call for elections, nor the arrival of Pardo have changed one iota the demands of the employers regarding the future Government that leaves the polls on 23J. Thus, Mier has insisted on the need to three pacts of state: education, industry and innovation. In this regard, the president of the employers’ association has once again insisted on the need for a vice presidency that focuses on reindustrialization and innovation to guarantee the focus on these fields by the future Executive. “It has to be something that hangs directly from the presidency of the Government,” he says.

Precisely, both Pardo and Mier have stressed the importance of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on the part of Spain is taking advantage of it to promote the reindustrialization of the country.

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