Amir Karara celebrates the birthday of his daughter, “Laila”, with a set of pictures of their adventures

Take care The star, Amir Karara, To celebrate the birthday of his daughter, “Lily”, by publishing a group of pictures that they share via his personal Astury account on Instagram.

Karara appeared in the pictures he shared with his daughter, as they are taking many adventures together in motorcycles and other adventures inside the sea by bike.



The artist Amir Karara is spending the summer vacation on one of the beaches, where he was keen on sharing his followers and fans via the social networking site “Instagram”, pictures of him during his summer vacation, where he published through the Asturian feature on his personal account on the social site, two pictures, one of them accompanied by Ashraf Omeira.

On the other hand, Amir Karara cooperates with the star Ahmed El-Sakka in the series “Descendants of Strangers” for the first time in the TV drama, where they met together in the cinema through the films “Forced Escape” and “Harb Karmouz”.



“Descendants of Strangers” is a story, scenario, dialogue and direction directed by Mohamed Sami, scheduled to be shown next Ramadan, to begin Prince Karara, changing his skin after 4 years, to present for the first time a middle figure in the drama, to be a new station in his artistic life.

Amir Karara will appear differently from what the audience is accustomed to, since his character in the series “The Descendants of Strangers” will be a big surprise for the audience, especially since Karara is known for his prestige and elegance, but in “Descendants of the Strangers” we will see Karara with the Upper Egyptian and Aunt Jalabiya, so that it will be a new step in changing Al-Miri “.

It is noteworthy that Amir Karara presented a national epic in the series of selection, and it was presented during the last month of Ramadan, with overwhelming success, and co-starred with Ahmed Al-Awadi, Mohamed Imam, Aser Yassin, Salah Abdullah, Mohamed Ragab, Ahmed Wafik, Majed Al Masry, and a number of other artists , Author by Baher Dowidar, and the work deals with the life story of the thunderbolt legend, the martyr Ahmed Mansi, commander of the 103 thunderbolt battalion in North Sinai.


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