Amir Murtada in response to Sayid Abdulhafeez's statements about the rulers: "Terrorist style" (Video) – Al Masry Al Youm – Al Masry Al Youm


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Amir Mortada, the supervisor of the Zamalek football team, commented on statements that Ahy's director Sayed Abdelhafiz criticized the referees' committee and asked why Zamalek's matches were not attributed to certain referees.

"I am opposed to an arbitration attack and every club has the right to oppose a problem, but the objection is at a certain level, or it is opposed to an umpire, a match or a match result," he said Amir Mortada in a telephone interview on Sport. But it is a style of terrorism ".

He added: "I speak of Sayed Abdelhafiz, which should remain the meaning of his team, we want to return to the public and the needy of the competition remain successful and support the referees, but not enough to win a championship sits talking about the rulers.

He added: "Al-Zamalek does not see the time to talk about penalties to Africa with Esperance two or no, de needs Ahli, Sayed Beateklam defeats Zamalek and arbiters Zamalek, and that in certain referees to control his games, I tell him back to the numbers, Zamalek club Grooming over him 11 rule in the match we played them, the words you say is wrong is not true, but if you do not participate in the Zamalek Club originally.



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