Amira Al-Nasser proposes to Hind Al-Qahtani’s daughter to her son, and raises controversy on her terms

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aroused Princess of Nasser A wide wave of ridicule and criticism on social media platforms after she presented a sermon Daughter of Hind Al-Qahtani For her son, amid anticipation of Hind Al-Qahtani’s reaction to her controversial request.

And publication Princess of NasserThrough her personal account on the Snapchat application, she asked for a picture in which she requested the engagement of Hind Al-Qahtani’s daughter to her son, and commented on words that exposed her to ridicule and criticism, and the demands to hold celebrities accountable for exploiting their children in order to achieve wider fame, and the audience also demanded Hind Al-Qahtani to respond.

Amira Al-Nasser proposes to Hind Al-Qahtani’s daughter

And publication Princess of Nasser Through her personal account on the Snapchat application, a picture of Hind Al-Qahtani and wrote on it: “I wish Sister Hind Al-Qahtani would accept my son Al-Khalidi. We never give up on the family card, agreeing to the dowry you ask for.”

As soon as Amira Al-Nasser published her request, it caused a clear wave of resentment among the followers, who accused her of exploiting her son in order to achieve greater fame for her and her husband, demanding her trial.

Amira Al-Nasser’s conditions for the engagement of Hind Al-Qahtani’s daughter to her son

Amira Al-Nasser raised controversy with her sarcastic terms that she wrote through her personal account on the Snapchat application, where the famous social networking platform stipulated that Hind Al-Qahtani send her son to host him on a mission in America, and other conditions that sparked controversy and subjected her to widespread criticism.

As soon as Amira Al-Nasser published her request for her son’s engagement to Hind Al-Qahtani’s daughter, comments poured in that attacked the social media activist, among them: “Something fails, I don’t know how to speak”, “And she is Hind who will accept, I mean, Hind draws on Taqeel and her little girl”, “Everyone wants to see my back.” This is India and it is more famous”, “By God, Hind would not agree if she dies on these samples”, “Because of the trend and not seeing the rocks of these people.”

As stated in the comments: “I heard a lot about electronic flies, but the first time I saw them in nature”, “Salvation from these movements, and the most trivial of these celebrities are the accounts that publish to them every small and big one”, “Make them an earthquake while they are at their wedding party, we get rid of them all”, “ This family and the second family will be good for each other, but they do not multiply, shrouded in defiance.” “Her son is a child who has not yet completed a year, and a daughter of Hind is in her teenage years. The first time I see people getting engaged to a single child whose mother is the same.”

The son of Amira Al-Nasser

Amira Al-Nasser’s words caused a wave of widespread resentment among the followers who criticized the use of celebrities to their children in order to achieve greater fame, and the comments on Amira Al-Nasser’s request from Hind Al-Qahtani came: “Celebrities are trivial and their behavior is like the behavior of Bazran. It is a very, very cheap thing. Celebrities have no problem that they take advantage of their children and also offer them with these cheap prices to become months and months, I think how these children will feel when they grow up, and meet their mother and father offering them cheap, how is this to collect my money and become more famous. “

Some also demanded that social media celebrities be held accountable for accusing their children of exploiting their children, as one of the followers wrote: “We all know that they collect like, share and viewers from these cheap things and from their families, but with the feeling that the only thing that will stop them is the law, it must be the trial and imprisonment of these people on charges of exploiting their children The ones you use in advertisements and the ones you use and expose them to marriage are something that stings the liver, by God.”

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