News AMLO and Morena have everything ready to request trial...

AMLO and Morena have everything ready to request trial of former presidents

On the eve of concluding the legal period to collect one million 800 thousand signatures to request, through the citizenry, a popular consultation in order to carry out trial of the last five former presidents for acts of corruption, the Chief of the Federal Executive, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, He said that he will present this initiative to the Senate to begin this route.

In conference, the President acknowledged that they have only met 800 thousand signatures to request that the process be started, for which he announced that in case they do not meet he will present this Tuesday the request.

“They are making a great effort because they started 10 days ago and I have the information that they have been around 800 thousand, but hey, the time is already very deep, progress has already been made and it can beat them time; however, it is, I repeat, very good that they are doing this exercise, that they are collecting the signatures.

“So, if the number of signatures is not reached, because there is little left, I have already prepared a letter, well, the draft of a letter that today I am going to review to request the query, I have that power that the law gives me and tomorrow I will make the decision to do so if the citizens do not manage to gather the signatures; then, there will be a request for consultation, because if they do not have the signatures, I would present tomorrow [hoy] the writing ”, he affirmed.

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In the National Palace he said that he will announce today the request that he would present to the Senate and that it will contain the justification to carry out the consultation.

“Morning [hoy] I let you know, let’s go in parts, because I have to found, I have to justify the reason for the consultation when requesting the Senate in this case. The Chamber of Deputies could do it, I will do it if I decide, according to what happens with the collection of signatures, I will send it to the Senate of the Republic, although both chambers have to see ”.

He reiterated that a reform to the Constitution is necessary to make the number of signatures needed to request a popular consultation more flexible: “We have to make it more flexible that there are not also so many citizens or so many signatures, because now it requires about 1,800,000,” he said. andl Federal representative.

President Lopez Obrador He congratulated the citizens who have collected signatures for the consultation, as he assured that participatory democracy is put into practice and that it is not only representative democracy.

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He pointed out that this type of consultation has to be established as a habit in the country, since these acts are already carried out in several nations.

Upper House already awaits application

The majority in the Senate expects President López Obrador to send a request for a consultation tomorrow Wednesday to bring former presidents to justice for corruption.

For its part, the opposition of PAN considered as an indication that the López Obrador government has lost popular support for not having gathered the necessary signatures to call a popular consultation.

Meanwhile, the PRI He warned that this project is legally unconstitutional.

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Yesterday, the coordinator of Morena, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, confirmed that it would no longer be possible to collect the necessary signatures for the consultation to be requested through the public channels and stated that the Senate will be the chamber of origin for the President of the Republic, where appropriate, to request it or 33% of the 128 senators.

There will be coordination of the Morena senators with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on the presentation of this appeal before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN), Monreal Ávila said at a press conference.

In the Morena bench, with 61 members, “we have not yet decided if we are going to present the request or process the document that the President said that he will send.”



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