AMLO rejects laboratory of the Nobel Prize in Medicine to detect COVID-19

The argument is that they were not authorized by Cofepris, but there was more background. A senior official at the Ministry of Health confided it to an official at one of the public hospitals, when it was suggested that the government could do whatever tests were needed to do an early detection of the virus.

They were not going to authorize its manufacture because it contravened the policy of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who did not want evidence from the population, because he did not believe that the pandemic was real.

His public attitude, denying the reality posed by the World Health Organization and the number of infections and deaths caused by the virus in Asia and Europe, were a demonstration that he did not need order for within an ethically deficient government, for not daring to tell the president what they really think, their wish will be honored.

For the same reasons, apparently, no inputs were purchased. An example was the N95 isolation masks. While the undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, designated spokesperson for the pandemic, reiterated that mouthguards were not necessary, at least eight governments were ordering N95 masks from manufacturers in the United States, who produced 500,000 a day each and they couldn’t keep up.

They did the same with respirators and medicines that were working in the countries where they were applied. In Mexico, the government was in a different cosmogony, metaphysical, not scientific.

The government barely authorized last Friday the purchase of medical supplies and equipment in an expedited manner, where it could be found because in Mexico there are none.

The President announced that 5,000 fans had been acquired from China, indirectly acknowledging that his Health experts’ estimates, which claimed that Mexico was prepared for the pandemic, were incorrect.

Days before the order was issued, in an illegal and desperate action, because there was no law or decree involved, federal authorities toured Motolinia Street, in the Historic Center of Mexico City, where they are sold at retail. medical equipment to seize fans.

The belated reaction to equip and prepare for COVID-19 is directly associated with López Obrador’s denial of the reality of the pandemic and his resistance to prepare.

The case of the tests developed by Abbott Laboratories is an example of this careless and negligent attitude. Rejecting the proposal without even seeking to delve into it, speaks volumes about the hands on which the health of the nation rests. There was no interest in any of it, nor did they want to antagonize the President.

Since last week, Abbott Laboratories has been producing 50,000 tests a day, and sending tens of thousands to those who request them, under the authorization of the emergency US government, which cut red tape by 12 months.

Last week, President Trump recognized the company and said the arrival of that molecular device was “a whole new game” in the fight against the coronavirus. In Mexico they ignored it. The opportunity, once again, was lost.


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