AMLO “respects” Boric’s statements in the Senate on Nicaragua and sexist violence

The Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorexpressed this Friday that “respect“the declarations of the president of Chile, Gabriel Boricin the Senate of the Republicwhere he criticized the silence before the crisis of Nicaragua and the sexist violence in Mexico.

We respect President Boric a lot, as we respect all presidents, especially in his case, who comes from a leftist movement, and of course he is completely free to demonstrate, to express himself,” López Obrador commented.

A journalist asked the Mexican president in his daily press conference about Boric’s statements on Thursday in the solemn session of the Senate, where he stated that “Latin America cannot be silent” in the face of violations of human rights in the region and expressly denounced the situation of “political prisoners” in Nicaragua.

“We cannot look to the side in the face of the crisis that Haiti is experiencing, we cannot look to the side in the face of the political prisoners in Nicaragua,” said the Chilean president.

The opposition senators present interpreted the statements as a criticism of the government of López Obrador, who has not condemned the Nicaraguan crisis.

In addition, Boric described as “brutal” that eleven women are murdered a day in Mexico.

“Eleven women every day murdered here in Mexico, brutal. Let’s not naturalize this violence, we have to fight it together, ”she said.

The Mexican president limited himself to saying that he “respects” Boric’s opinions, without making any further references.

Boric made a three-day visit to Mexico, where on Wednesday he met with López Obrador at the National Palace to strengthen cooperation between the two nations, partners of the Pacific Alliance.

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With information from EFE

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