Among the confidential documents found in Donald Trump’s mansion there was also one on the military defenses and nuclear weapons of a foreign country, writes the Washington Post.

Among the classified government documents found in the mansion of former US President Donald Trump in Florida, there was also one related to the military defenses and nuclear weapons of a foreign country: the they said some anonymous sources aware of the facts al Washington Postwithout specifying which foreign country is in question.

The document was discovered by officials of the FBI, the US federal police investigation agency, during the search made in Trump’s villa on the night between 8 and 9 August. The Justice Department explained that the search had been carried out after the collection of “numerous evidence” attesting to the attempts by Trump’s lawyers to hide the classified documents kept in the villa and to avoid handing them over to the authorities.

Documents such as that revealed by the Washington Post they are normally kept in locked facilities and guarded by a dedicated officer, and not in a private home where security is at the owner’s discretion, as in the case of Trump’s mansion.

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