amount in power, the Blues reject Serbia

Nedim Remili and his family did not beat Serbia with their eyes closed, but they reassured themselves.
Nedim Remili and his family did not beat Serbia with their eyes closed, but they reassured themselves. JOHN MACDOUGALL / AFP

the "Booster shot" The Brazilian has taken effect. Vaccinated by his warm meeting with Brazil at the opening of the World Cup, the French handball team optimized their defenses in Saturday's second match (12 January) and boosted the offensive production. Teammates Ludovic Fabregas (5 goals) took the better against a captivating Serbia, but failed to keep the second half (32-21).

"We learned from yesterday's game, assured the right-back of the Blues Nedim Remili after meeting the BeIN Sports microphone. We had a bit of apprehension when we started this game, but we remained masters of our game, solidly defensive. " They had sinned at the start of the second period of the previous match, leaving Brazil in a draw and worried until the end. Saturday, French, "Remobilized" according to their coach Didier Dinart, he took advantage of the second part of the meeting to take off.

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Before that, they had to fight hard against the players of the Balkan volunteers. As against Brazil, Vincent Gerard's teammates who forgot to get off his cloud (11 stops for the goalkeeper of the Blues and a man of the match) have struggled to enter the game. Carried to score (or tie) up to six minutes of break and trouble, the French had the fact of not being left behind by Radivojevic and his defending people and the wall in their cages. "We managed to maintain a good defensive pace throughout the game, it is a good omen for the future" congratulate left-back Romain Lagarde.

"It's still the start of the competition, you still have to improve, commented Nedim Remili, whose entry into play at the end of the first period coincided with a 4-0 that launched the blue car. We were good, very good too, on the defensive, and everyone was able to score and participate in the party. " In the second half, the French gradually increased in temperature, leaving the head under water to Serbia unable to keep up and finally widely beaten.

Good defensive seat but bullet losses

"The team is working well, greeted Didier Dinart after meeting the microphone of the official competition issuer. This is positive for the trust capital. " Only the shadow on the board of a team that comes to power, the Blues have once again offered ammunition to their opponent. After 14 ball losses against Brazil, the Serbs stole 12 balloons on Saturday. "We still lost a lot of balls, we have to correct it and be more demandingunderlined Romain Lagarde. When we fall in Germany [mardi à 20 h 30] It will be a little bit of balls, it will take care of you. "

As usual from his settlement, Dinart, the former "Roc" became alchemist took advantage of the meeting to make his experiences. "We work, explains the Blues coach. Today I could try Valentin [Porte] at the back post, I could test things. " Work and innovation, both feet on which the solid coach relies to advance his team. With the return of Nikola Karabatic in the group – arrived Saturday in Berlin – and a first training session with the Master des Bleus scheduled for Sunday, no doubt the team of France knows what to expect.

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"Today I'm not suitable for playing and I do not pretend to interpret the role I could have in other competitions, assured Nikola Karabatic on the day a the team. My goal is to help the team, even in a very small role, I will be the happiest in the world. " Rising to power but having to incorporate its technical leader into a new role, the team of France has the job to do. "I would not say no against a fat matte"Nedim Remili smiled after the meeting. But if we have to work … "

Next match: France – Korea, Monday, January 14 (8:30 pm)

Clément Martel

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