Amsterdam dean investigates the actions of lawyers in the Taghi case

It previously revealed AD that the judiciary also suspects lawyer Khalid Kasem of having passed on information about a police raid in July 2015 in Nieuwegein. In addition, a huge amount of weapons found it. A number of Taghi’s accomplices were arrested.

A contact from Taghi would have visited Kasem to find out how the police had tracked down these weapons. The lawyer denies having given that information to him. The Amsterdam dean had already started an investigation into Kasem’s actions. That investigation is still ongoing.

Lawyers switch

Because the picket lawyers of other suspects in the case would refuse to pass on information, they would have been replaced by Taghi’s henchmen, including lawyer Flokstra. The messages referred to by the Public Prosecution Service would show that Taghi’s henchmen obtained information from these lawyers from the files of the suspects who were still in restrictions at that time.

This would include information about what their clients were suspected of, whether people were still being sought and what evidence there was. They would also keep an eye on whether Taghi’s name would appear in the investigation.

Board of Discipline

The lawyers are thus accused of violating the restrictive measures. If a suspect is in disability, neither the suspect nor the lawyer is allowed to speak to third parties about the case as this could harm the investigation.

De Amsterdamse Deken will investigate whether the lawyers have violated the rules of conduct applicable to them or have acted culpably in any other way. The investigation will take about eight weeks.

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If the investigation by the regulator shows that the rules have not been acted upon, the lawyers must appear before the Board of Discipline. He decides whether a lawyer can actually be blamed for something. In that case, the lawyer can receive a warning, be reprimanded or fined. In exceptional cases, lawyers can be suspended.

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