News Amsterdammertje (2) were injured by the abandoned, burning coal

Amsterdammertje (2) were injured by the abandoned, burning coal

A 2-year-old boy from the East, has yesterday of burns suffered when he was still red-hot coal ran out. The fire, which is likely to have just been used for a bbq, lay in the grass, is hidden.

This is what happened to the Ouderkerkerplas. The little boy was playing with a ball when he was with his hands in the hot coals again. “When he began suddenly to scream,” says his father gave him at the hospital and released.

He was furious about what had happened. My son has a burn victim, because some idiot on here was impatient, and left. Something like that, do you?’, he asked to himself.


The boy has a minor burn on his right hand, eight of the burns to his left hand side, and several burns and blisters on his feet. His father is going to report to the police. “I hope that other families to not have to do with it’, he says.


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