Amy said to C. It’s not clear. Ice asks the most questions per day? Explain that he is drunk and scolds her husband.

Husband in bed scolded? Amy tells C to clear the reason why it’s not very good. Ice asks the most questions per day Reveal what you want, don’t ask Explain that people look at the drunken heroine. Angry

Ice Napatcharin invite best friend Amy Klinprathum come to talk like never said anywhere before, revealing the clip Amy fixed the first news. not a drunkard C does her homework, is it true? In Answer Unlimited Ep.2 by Amy Klinprathum came to ask to correct the news of her own drunkenness that her husband said. that he was not a drunkard But maybe snoring sometimes Is it true that my husband and I don’t like to do homework?

Ask if they often have sex Amy replied: Believe it or not, I’ve never said anything about it. But EC went on a program here and there (say a little bit), say here (how many times a month) once (or 1 month, that is, none). Well, these days it’s like being friends too. Well, who’s going to know? What mood do I have tonight?

How is the appointment time? Wash yourself and wait? Amy replied, “I’m not, if you’re going to be like this. You must attack me She’ll come clumsy. I’ll swipe. If I swipe. And she didn’t come Well, you can’t, you have to do this, I’ll agree.

Amy vented her frustrations to her husband that But she likes to complain about other places that his wife doesn’t give to her. I tell you why do I have to? If you want to take it Why do you have to complain every time, your wife never gives? wife never gave Why do you have to give? (And women are not the ones who come to sit and say that she’s here today.) Well, can you imagine what she did?

Who likes wearing Amy dresses? Embarrassed replied that no. Embarrassed, not quite, it’s normal.
The team helped to ask him to tell Pee C… Like a pig like a dog, right? Amy replied that there were some. Pee Xi was really a gentle person, Tamutami, that’s why she told me that. Then I’m like oh She will be gone I have to tell you sometimes (Ice: Pee Si is very similar to Bank Sometimes I will do something like this. My girlfriend says, oh, it’s gone. I thought I was angry and didn’t want to join. have to fight back)

I don’t like having sex, but I like to dress up to provoke my husband. Going on a trip in the cold. I like to wear provocative clothes. I’m a good person. Amy laughs, admits that she likes to provoke and doesn’t let her travel. More than nothing. Tired like this.

If it was before, did we check in or not? Amy admitted that before everywhere (Already checked in, this hotel, this country) Well, how is it now? I don’t want to get tired (according to age) eh (Ice: In the past, I fought to the death with a head strike)

Is it true that drinking until you get drunk and want to have sex? Amy admits that it’s true (the mood is here, mom). I also like it, but Pee Xi doesn’t like it when she’s drunk. (Because I don’t know) I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It may be when we are brave or we are not ashamed. But what will P’C’s be like? It smells like alcohol, so we can’t get together nowadays. so not together (So ​​I don’t have a child) Having P’C alone has a headache.

Asked if I had the most sex per day while I was fit. Amy replied that it could be all day. (This is the mother that he is longing for) Well, isn’t everyone the same? (How many times a day, all day? Mom) Not going anywhere, during a new relationship, something like this, looking back, can we be like that too? Nowadays, there are no more according to age.

from the cute and cherished heroine Now she’s given the title of the heroine who’s drunk, swinging, wiping, scolding her husband, is there a lot of difference? Amy clarified that, in the past, people who worked with me knew that it was like this since childhood. is already open Go back and look. Amy has been holding a glass since the beginning.

Do you want to fix any news? Amy jokingly announced that I’m not drunk Ready to give to the husband some things should not be said it is not to say don’t have to say everything by Amy also talked about the abundance of her husband who said that he was a simple person a difficult person But people like to think he’s easy. But he’s not easy.

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