Amy Schumer: Honest snapshot after the birth


About a week ago, actress Amy Schumer (37, “Dating Queen”) became a mother for the first time. The comedian is known for her relentless insights into her arduous pregnancy and does not stop at Mother's Day before. Via Instagram she shares a very special moment shortly after the birth of son Gene Attell Fischer from the delivery room.

The photo shows the newly minted mother sitting in the hospital toilet. With disheveled hairstyle, hospital gown and drip on her arm, she looks with dull expression into the camera. In the foreground is Schumers sister Kim, holding her newborn nephew in her arms. “Hot Mama at 1 o'clock,” she writes jokingly.

For her sympathetic snapshot, the actress is celebrated on the net. “Haha, your face in the background,” Lindsay Lohan (32) comments on the photo. “True,” says Selma Blair (46) in the comments.


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