An acne model advertises the popular brand ASOS. The women thank her

Photos from many advertising campaigns constantly tempt us with perfect models with perfect faces without any imperfections and slim figures without cellulite and stretch marks. Fortunately, this trend is slowly changing. More and more cosmetic and fashion brands focus on photos that show real women without graphically transformed faces and bodies.

ASOS published a photo of a woman with visible acne

One of such brands is ASOS – a very popular British online store, which is also very popular in Poland. A unique photo has appeared on his Instagram profile, which is followed by almost 12 million people from all over the world. The photo shows British model and influencer Izzie Rodger, who has long been encouraging fans to accept self-acceptance. But it is not everything! Izzie Rodger has a visible face on her face acnewhich has not been retouched in the photo. A real woman with real imperfections – just like us!

The photo quickly made a sensation on the web and gained a record number of likes. Under it, in just a few moments, the delight of Internet users from all over the world showered. The women thanked the brand for publishing the unretouched photos. Here are some of their comments:

Izzie Rodger shows with her example that acne is absolutely not something we should be ashamed of. The model publishes un-retouched photos on Instagram and calls for self-acceptance. Thanks to its naturalness, openness and honesty, it has already gained a large group of fans – just over 113,000 people.

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