An ad-amusement debuts the dramatized advertising in ‘Death of a Salesman’

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Everything is invented but there is always room to connect two things that already exist and come up with something new. Connect theater and advertising, for example. He Infanta Isabel Theater of Madrid premiered just before its session today at 7:00 p.m. death of a salesman the first dramatized announcement of, at least, the recent history of the scene in Spain. “Today someone told me that Shakespeare He did something similar to the advertisements of his time, but I didn’t have time to check what he was referring to. “I’m not 100% sure that theatrical ads didn’t exist before because the world is so big, but if those references exist, they’re hard to find.”

Who is speaking is Xisela López, executive creative director of the Sra Rushmore agency, responsible for the Infanta Isabel advertisement. Their client is a medical insurer, Asisa, and their bet has a logical plot: the campaign that will be represented on stage is about the importance of living a life worth living and not letting yourself be overwhelmed by obligations or setbacks. .. An idea that has to do with the idea of ​​art and theater that we all have in our heads. “Even death of a salesmanthe work that is represented, participates in that idea,” says López.

An explanation: the theater’s advertisement is based on a conventional television spot that premiered in June and has its title: Scare. “We adapted the script of the advertisement a little and looked for an artistic director, José Luis Sixtoto take care of the scenography,” says López. Is it very different to record an advertisement than to represent an advertisement? López says yes, that the big difference is that in the theater there is no total control over the finish, as It happens on television. But, in return, the vertigo of the live show is real. Today he will take Lexatin to the premiere; yesterday, at the rehearsal, he got excited.

The spectators of death of a salesman They received the traditional call to their seats and silence at 6:55 p.m. They were warned that before the play they hoped to see, a small advertising piece would be performed for them, halfway between a movie trailer and a baroque theater interlude. The piece will last two minutes, more or less, and then the curtain will fall and rise again, now with Imanol Arias In the role of Willy Loman, the salesman by Arthur Miller.

Throughout the week, the announcement of Scare in the Infanta Isabel. Will the format be consolidated? The answer may depend on another question: is this ad a more or less anecdotal cost or is it a relevant investment within the total campaign budget? “Relevant as a production, but most of the investment in advertising goes to purchasing media and with this format there are savings”, answers López. “I do believe it has a future.”

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