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The American company Teevee Corporation wants to revolutionize the television market and promises the most important thing that will happen to televisions since the appearance of color screen models.

There is already a teaser web page, freetelly.comone that confirms the existing information on the sources. It seems that Teevee Corporation is preparing its first TV, one that will be called Telly. Its uniqueness will be that it will not cost anything, it will be offered for free.

Of course there is an explanation, the TV will come with two screens: a standard one and a secondary one the size of a smartphone that will display almost entirely only advertisements. During the short time when there will be no ads, the secondary screen will be able to display information about the weather, news headlines or results from various sports.

Telly will not be a smart TV, but it will be able to be delivered with external streaming devices such as those from Roku or Amazon (probably this is where the manufacturer will make some money).

The logic of this TV is simple: the manufacturer gives it to you for free, and the revenue comes later through excessive advertising. I think they will also implement some kind of system that will limit the functions of the TV if you try to cover the secondary screen with something in order to avoid the ads.

There are many unknowns in this case, what is certain is that Teevee Corporation will try something new, something that may end up being either a big failure or a concept that could change everything we know about selling televisions.


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