An application to detect pain soon in hospitals?

La start-up Samdoc a mis au point « an application that identifies the pain felt by patients who cannot express themselves “. It must be tested ” soon »By the Caen University Hospital.

The principle of this application called Nevva is to detect the facial movements of the patient using the camera of the phone on which it is installed, the phone being positioned above the patient. ” It is analyzed by algorithms based on scientific literature on pain and on our expertise, specifies Julien Lelandais, co-founder of Samdoc, interviewed by France Blue. And that translates in the form of a curve. A variation of the facial pain signal. »

The aim is that medical personnel ” focuses on tasks with higher added value »Explains Julien Lelandais. Currently these observations are made by going to the bedside. But ” in the near future, this information can be retrieved on a computer screen, without having to enter the room » (cf. Involve his five senses in the care relationship, a must for the doctor).

Source : Le Point (23/02/2021) – Photo : Parentingupstream de Pixabay

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