An Argentine player dies after falling during a concert on the sixth floor


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An Argentine player dies after falling during a concert from the sixth floor, Monday 7 October 2019 17:42

Argentine football fans received shocking news of the death of Gremio Azequil Esperon, who was loaned to the Mexican Atlas, after he accidentally fell from the sixth floor during a ceremony in Buenos Aires.

The Spanish newspapers quoted the player: the 23-year-old left the world during a celebration with his friends at Villa Divoto in Buenos Aires, and it happened Sunday after losing the balance on the fence. The sources pointed out that Esperon tried to save himself by keeping a closed fence, but was not fortunate enough to fall tragically from the sixth floor directly to the ground, to die immediately.

The Mexican club has published this shocking news through various platforms on social networking sites, to receive messages of support and condolences to the player and his family, fans in Mexico and Argentina and his fellow former players.

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