An ARM Mac for 2020 (or less) and the Apple Car in 2023?


Apple and TSMC should maintain good relations for other years, at least five years. In an internal note for investors, Ming-Chi Kuo (TF Securities) expects the foundry is the sole supplier of A13 in 2019 and A14 in 2020. It also predicts that the Mac models will adopt a Series A processor, somehow, from 2020 to 2021.

The voice is recurring for several years, an old chestnut tree that does not seem to materialize, in addition to small peripheral chips (T1, T2 …) designed to alleviate the Intel processor. Will Apple really cross the Rubicon? Switching to Intel has greatly rekindled interest in the Mac, mainly due to the compatibility of Windows and the portability of some libraries; the return to a CPU " home " it could again marginalize macOS, whose market shares are stagnant globally. On the contrary, the x86 platform only evolves from small touches every year, where ARM offers a relatively unprecedented price / power / power ratio. to Bloomberg, we were also counting on 2020, but it is difficult to see Apple start such a transition without preparing the developers several years before, as in the case of Intel.

The analyst does not stop there and also looks at the Titan / carOS project, already mentioned recently. For him, Apple's system of conduct (which would be proposed between 2023 and 2025) it should have a TSMC chip, which supports advanced automation, even complete, driver activities – including navigation and driving. On the other hand, Kuo does not specify whether Apple will make a real car, Tesla way, or just a guide system offered to other manufacturers.




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