An assistant to the head of the Ukrainian army dies when a grenade he had received as a birthday gift explodes

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The oldest Genadi Chastiakovassistant to the head of the Ukrainian Army, Valeri Zaluzhni, has died when his house exploded when he was showing it to his family a grenade that he had received from colleagues in the Armed Forces on the occasion of his birthdayas established by an official investigation announced today by the Ministry of the Interior.

The news of Chastiakov’s death was announced yesterday by the head of the Armed Forces himself, Valeri Zaluzhni, who paid tribute to his subordinate and promised that what happened would be clarified.

“He returned home from work with gifts from his colleagues. He took out a gift box containing several grenades and showed one of the ammunition to his son,” Ukrainian Interior Minister Igor Klimenko explained in a statement, adding that the grenades were “of a new Western model.”

According to Klimenko, Chastiakov’s 13-year-old son began pulling on the ring. Shortly after, his father took the grenade and tore off the ring, “causing the tragic explosion.”

The authorities are also investigating the grenades that did not explode and have identified the victim’s partner who gave him the gift. “Investigations continue,” Klimenko said. According to Ukrainian media, Chastiakov turned 39 this Monday.

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