An asteroid as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza will "touch" the Earth today


The space rock will pass at a distance of about 5 million kilometers from the Earth at 5:20 in the afternoon in Spain, here in El Salvador it would be at 10:20 am.

The asteroid that will touch the Earth on this day is as big as the Great Pyramid of Giza, according to the publication of the international media. However, given the distance it does not pose any danger to humanity.

On Monday, another big rock passed in front of the Earth, only a few days after the phenomenon repeats itself, before the question is: is our world in danger?

The scientific community says no, because this asteroid, called 2019 DN, will go much further than the previous one, which has not exceeded 1.1 times the distance from the Moon to the Earth.

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Although it is a larger asteroid, which according to astronomers estimates is between 90 and 200 meters in diameter, its size is a reference to the normal range of asteroids that "rub" the earth very often. The dimension is compared to the Great Pyramid of Egypt measuring 230 meters in length.

The speed of this asteroid, according to NASA, is about 7 kilometers per second, quite fast compared to land transport, but slow compared to other objects that will approach the earth in the coming days.

In fact, this month is scheduled to pass an asteroid between 100 and 230 meters, this is scheduled for March 20 and it is believed that the distance will be less. That said, NASA sends a reassuring message: "Very few of these bodies are potentially dangerous for the Earth, but the more we know and understand, the better prepared we will be to take the appropriate measures if we turn to us."

The asteroid of September

In recent months the rumor has spread that the asteroid QV89 of 2006 can have an impact on Earth, it is assumed that it has a diameter of 40 meters and is said to be affecting the planet in September, the estimated probability is 1 between 11,428.

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However, QV89 should not worry much, since it is still far from the Earth and considering it a threat is practically a concern because the probability of impact is 1 in 11,428, according to experts.

In July the asteroid will be close enough to know what the final trip will be.

"Uncertainty is too great to be able to assess the risk of impact," José María Madiedo, a professor at the University of Huelva and a member of the Spanish research network on Bolides and Meteors, told ABC.

What are the potentially dangerous asteroids?

They must have measurements between 140 meters in diameter, according to information from NASA, as rocks below these measurements could explode into the atmosphere and some may notice some local damage, such as the Chelyabinsk episode (Russia) in 2013, when a rock of about 20 meters caused injuries to about 1,500 people and caused damage to buildings and structures.

However, only meteorites hundreds of meters or more than one kilometer can cause damage on a planetary scale, like the one that killed dinosaurs 66 million years ago, although recent studies state that other factors have been added. Fortunately, "there are no threats of this caliber in the next hundred years," says Madiedo.



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